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            Anthony Camilleri Jr.
USA Security Services Corporation Founder Anthony Camilleri Jr. is a former 20year plus Hartford Police Department Officer who retired as a Division Commander overseeing the force's Special Events &Traffic Division. He is an international and national expert, speaker and consultant on special events, security matters, motor vehicle accident reconstruction and many other investigative matters. 

Mr. Camilleri has successfully planned, coordinated, and executed security plans for top-of-the-line special events on both National and Local platforms such as U.S. Presidential visits and debates, dignitary visits, the Tournament Players Club (TPC), Stadiums, musical concerts, college and professional sports teams, and parades with hundreds of thousands of attendees. During his career in law enforcement, Mr. Camilleri has worked hand in hand with every major Federal agency regarding high profile security events. Dignitary visits including nobility and royalty from around the world as well as national and international celebrities.


          Our employees are equally outstanding. Many are retired law enforcement officers with an expertise in protective services and intelligence matters. We handle a wide range of security coverage. Any type or size Special Event or gathering, protecting celebrities, entertainers, athletes, business executives, health clinics, commercial establishments and offering corporate security training and consulting.

          The company has many hundreds of years of collective experience in law enforcement experience and training among its staff. We are intelligent, highly skilled, experienced, dedicated, discreet, and accommodating. Being based in Connecticut gives us extensive local connections and proven know-how. We are well-respected because we are ethical, fair, and always professional.

          We confer with Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies when warranted and have state-of-the-art communications systems to do our job successfully. All initial consultations are free and may be conducted at a location conducive to you.

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